Residential 住宅


Concept is very abstract for many people. But it is an essential element for interior designer. Creative design is developed from a concept. After careful consideration of the actual environment, functions and customer's needs, together with creativity, a design concept is visualized.

Colors come from the materials used but easily affected by lightings. Lightings are essential because different lightings create different atmosphere.

A good design comprises many elements, space planning functions, materials, lightings, colors, furniture, ventilation system and a reasonable budget.


Office 辦公室空間


Corporate culture is the key element in office planning whatever industry. Lobby is the first focal in order to create a good impression and have resonance with the corporate culture.

Meeting room is also an ideal place to reflect the corporate culture. A serious yet friendly feeling with a cozy environment is suitable for business discussions.

Designer's systematic planning helps to improve the relation between departments.

On the other hand, good ventilation improves staff's efficiency. Last but not least,  we should also consider software, network, communication and security system as well.


Sales Office 售樓處


Sales office is the most essential part since it represents the image of the new estate.When the project is under construction,sales office helps to build up clients'confidence.The interior design of sales office should emphasize new estate's strength.and selling points together with their own concept.Besides,functions and layout of different areas should match with sales strategy.An interior designer who is experienced in sales offices'design,is able to help to build up client's confidence and assists sales through a well planned sales office.


Showflat  示範單位


Living room is the foucs of a house.And it is spacious enough to held different activities.Designer determines the details according to customer's request and the environment.Furniture and decoration selected should match with the overall image and daily activities,Proper selection reflects the personalities and taste of the showflat.

Usually,dining area is located next to the living area.They must be viewed as one,The design reflects showflat taste and quality of living.Lightings,furniture,candles,flowers and accessories show the artistic style and add personalities to the room.



Medical Aesthetics 醫學美容


We integrate with your marketing strategies,regularitions and take a target-oriented approach with sophisticated interior design perspectives to assist you to achieve your ultimate goal.

We take care of every aspect of your project with attention to details.after careful consideration of the actual environment, functions and customer's needs, together with creativity, a design concept is visualized.