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GPC is a Hong Kong professional interior design consultant with more than 25  years expericene. We have many experiences that a successful project is more than simply a creative design. A good interior plan comprises creative designs and lifestyle.The project will attract eye balls if these factors are considered in a creative way.

At GPC, we care about the overall results of every project. Our mission is to create the pursuit for a better quality of life . Customer satisfaction illustrates our achievements.
世紀高寶設計有限公司,專業室內設計公司,超過25年的經驗告訴我們,每項工作都涵概創意及生活;有思想和生命,創造性地將這些元素整合,作品才會精彩。設計概念是創意核心, 能激起對生活的追求。







Fred T.L. Chan - Interior Design Director

室內設計總監 - 陳天麟



Born in Hong Kong and grew up in Happy Valley. Fred studied at Rosaryhill School ,King's College, First Institute of Art & Design College and City University of Hong Kong, majoring in Architecture study,Environment and Interior Design.

       陳天麟先生(Mr.Fred Chan)生於香港,在跑馬地區成長,從玫瑰崗,英皇書院,大一設計學院、香港城市大學,主修建築學、環境及室內設計。


From 1989 to 1993, Fred worked at LWK & Partners (HK) Ltd, a well-known architect firm in Hong Kong, on various interior design projects. Later, he served as the project manager at a few large-scale American and Japanese companies. From 1997 to 1999, he was a lecturer at Hong Kong School of Design .



In 1999, Fred founded GPC Design, providing professional design. His work has received recognition from clients due to his solid experience and unique design concepts as well as his sound advice on the market positioning of the projects.

       1999年陳天麟先生創立GPC Design。開始為客戶提供事業室內設計服務。用豐富經驗及精端設計手法得到客戶認同。


In 2000, Fred set up branch in Shenzhen and the company's business keeps growing. It's well applauded projects include show flats, sales offices, medical aesthetics,  corporate and residential properties.



With over 25 years of experience, Fred has successfully completed more than 1,000 projects in a diverse array of industries. Design begins with people's lives and lifestyles reflect the needs and the use of space. He believes design can enhance people's lives . His motto is never give up learning and share experiences with others.He is always thankful to every opportunity that he has and appreciates his colleagues and partners' concerted effort over the years. He loves to keep learning when handling different projects , to enjoy life at work.

      在超過25年的設計工作中,完成上千件項目,在不同範圍內也有他的作品。設計是從生活中開始,善用生活空間的思巧,他相信設計能夠提升人們的生活,同時也沉澱了良好的市場口碑。他感謝十多年來同事們和合作夥伴的共同努力, 能夠在不同的工作中思考及學習,不斷進步,在工作中享受生活。